Case Results

Convictions Reversed

Client was convicted of sex offenses at jury trial where he was forced to represent himself even though he asked for an attorney. We obtained a full reversal of all convictions on grounds the trial court violated our client’s right to counsel.

Murder Conviction Vacated

Client had pleaded guilty to first-degree murder. Six years later, the court granted our motion to vacate the guilty plea on grounds it was an illegal plea from the start.

Reversal on Appeal

Obtained reversal of trial court’s unlawful order forcing our client to testify and refusing to let our client assert his constitutional right to remain silent.

Conviction Reversed

In an appeal from a jury trial, we argued that the prosecution had failed to present enough evidence for a conviction. The State agreed with us and conceded that the conviction should be reversed, and the court reversed the conviction.

Remand for New Hearing

After the trial court denied two motions for pretrial diversion, we obtained an order from the Court of Appeal directing the trial court to grant a new diversion hearing. After winning in the Court of Appeal, the trial court granted diversion for our client facing four counts of felony assault with a firearm.

Weapon Enhancement Reversed

Client was convicted of robbery with a weapon enhancement for using a machete. The appellate court agreed with our argument that the trial judge failed to give proper jury instructions and reversed the weapon enhancement. 

Gang Enhancement Reversed

Client was convicted of a firearm offense with a gang enhancement. The appellate court agreed with our argument that the prosecution failed to present enough evidence on the gang enhancement and reversed the enhancement.

Probation Condition Removed

Appellate court agreed to strike our client’s unlawful condition of probation.

Sentence Reversed

Client was facing a probation violation and we argued it was too late to punish him because his probation had already expired. The trial judge rejected our argument and sentenced our client. The appellate court agreed that the client’s probation term had already expired and reversed the judgment and sentence.

Every case is different and results depend on their specific circumstances. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.